My own victory garden

Traditionally, victory gardens provide hope, independence, and substance. Victory gardens are no longer a common thing, but whole foods and central market are.
With the current changes happening in my life- i.e. my divorce- I’ve decided to create my own victory garden as Whole foods and Central Market are no longer in mu budget. This garden will provide victory over past experiences, victory over him, and victory in the name of affordable fresh food.
So far, it looks like I’ll be eating nothing more than salsa for the next year. I’ve got a fabulous looking tomato started, two jalepenos, a Pablano, onions, cilantro, and a red bell pepper. Victory is mine- I can’t wait to live off pico de gallo for the next few months!!!
Trust me, anything would be better than the last few years!
Happy eating and I’ll keep you posted on future victories from my garden!

From flowers to food

Once upon a time, there was a girl who would eat out 6 times a week, and on the 7th day rest from food trucks and five star restaurants. She would blame this on the fact that she lived in one of the fattest cities in America, blame it on not wanting to make a mess in the kitchen, blame it on working late. Truth be told, her husband was never home for dinner and she was in a 4 year long pout about it.
Two years later, one divorce, and some major reflection time afterward…she’s rediscovered her love of making a HUGE mess of dishes in the kitchen.
That girl was me.
Now that I’m on my own I’ve had to relearn so many things… Including how to use the dishwasher!
One of the most important things that keeps me moving forward has been cooking. I don’t know about you, but I love experiences and food should be one of them. To this day, I can tell you I have four recipes that I’ve ever made more than once. Dinner should be an adventure. Every dinner. I hate leftovers. I hate replays of the same thing.
Four recipes I have ever repeated include peanut butter bacon cookies, oregano and garlic ribs, sweet and hot sauce for (any) meatloaf, and bacalitos.
Here’s to trying to grow my own food in the front yard (sorry neighbors… Feel free to grab a tomato or Pablano when you need it)!
Bon appetite friends and happy food adventures!








A mixologist’s palette

Poutine in Denver? I never would’ve expected to try the Canadian delicacy in the mile-high city, but I found myself scarfing it down on a recent excursion to Denver’s Larimer Square.

The place: Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen

The scene: lots of girls in high heels with jeans or cowboy boots with sundresses

What I wore: neither- ballet flats, jeans, and a chevron striped dolman top I purchased in DC after my luggage was lost (another story, another post).

My guide: Dante, a nationally recognized mixologist with an amazing palette and witty humor.
Check out the delish veggie samosas from Park and Co. he recommended the very first time we met. I knew then Denver was going to give my taste buds a run for my money after noshing these.

My beverage, Avery Brewing Co.’s White Rascal- which I rushed to the local store to purchase upon arriving back at home base (and, am currently enjoying as I type this post)!

After ordering drinks, I graciously placed my menu on the table and asked my Denveronianite guide to order for the both of us. It never fails to go out with someone who has a fine palette and the knowledge of the local scene! A slew of house-made pickled cauliflower, peppers, green beans and cucumbers made it to the table first- the bowl filled with a variety of pickling tastes from bread and butter, spicy dill, to beer hopped yumminess. By the way, I love pickles, how’d this guy know that?!?! Then came the fried cheddar curds with buffalo ranch for dipping. I was a bit stand-offish of this one but it grew on me after a little stirring of the dipping sauce. Then, the kielbasa and a plate of four mustards hit our table. I honestly had trouble distinguishing the difference between the mustards, but they were all delicious!
And now for the Poutine…First time trying it, and I couldn’t stop munching! Frites smothered in a green chili sauce topped with a braised pork with cheese curds and chili lime seasoning. Yummy!

Wrap-up: Looking for foodie tastes in Denver, don’t be shy of the Poutine and don’t forget your heels!