My own victory garden

Traditionally, victory gardens provide hope, independence, and substance. Victory gardens are no longer a common thing, but whole foods and central market are.
With the current changes happening in my life- i.e. my divorce- I’ve decided to create my own victory garden as Whole foods and Central Market are no longer in mu budget. This garden will provide victory over past experiences, victory over him, and victory in the name of affordable fresh food.
So far, it looks like I’ll be eating nothing more than salsa for the next year. I’ve got a fabulous looking tomato started, two jalepenos, a Pablano, onions, cilantro, and a red bell pepper. Victory is mine- I can’t wait to live off pico de gallo for the next few months!!!
Trust me, anything would be better than the last few years!
Happy eating and I’ll keep you posted on future victories from my garden!

Out of my element and into the mud

Last month I met my parents in Colorado for an adventure that was to include camping, fly fishing, and bear sightings, but I was not expecting to experience a mudslide. Amazingly, we managed to fit all four activities into our trip.

Who knew Colorado had a monsoon season? I didn’t.

The place: Redstone, Colorado along the Crystal River

The objective: Stay alive in bear country and catch a few trout fly fishing

The result…

Well, I managed to stay alive- although I did encounter a black bear on a Hike around Maroon Bells. The bear was probably number two on my list of highlights of the trip, although, I was extremely nervous about the bears before I left for the trip- to the extent I was having nightmares about bears chasing little pineapples (don’t ask because I don’t know what that was about…). I was completely enthralled with my bear encounter. Some people say play dead, others say you should try to look scary, I just grabbed my camera and couldn’t stop clicking!

I didn’t catch any trout, but I’m definitely blaming that on the monsoon season! How are you supposed to convince a fish that a wad of delicate and artistically tied yarn and feathers are a real live fly that is in the midst of hatching when they can’t even see it through the murky rushing waters?

After a day of hiking and fishing, we returned to the campsite only to find a Sheriff blocking the road; behind her vehicle lay a large mudslide across the road. Luckily we were able to hike in another direction, but spent the evening watching a bulldozer push mud and granite boulders out of the road. Talk about a slow activity, but entertaining none the less. Highlight number one for sure!

The conclusion: Always carry a camera, just in case you run across a mudslide or black bear and maybe check the weather patterns, not just the forecast!
I had a great time and can’t wait to go back, even with the chance of getting gobbled up by a big hairy scary bear or pummeled by a giant boulder during a rain shower. You should try it, it’s invigorating! And… next time, I won’t spend so much money on fancy fishing flies when the rivers are so muddy, I’m not too proud to practice my casting on a swift murky current with a plain nymph.