Urban Jeep Trails: Vol. 1

So I have this love of Urban Jeep Trails.
No, not driving around in downtown traffic from stoplight to stoplight in order to test my clutch skills; I enjoy hitting the parking garages after rush hour to catch the view. Most people think of downtown as traffic congested and crowded but after 6pm it’s usually cleared out and has hardly any street traffic.
I have a few favorite spots, my primary one being a 4 story parking garage: it doesn’t give you much of a thrill on the way up- but once you’re there, it’s the best sunset backdrop downtown. My second favorite is more of a thrill to climb and even more to go down: a 14 story garage, which is as much fun to circle round and round 24 times as it is to reach the top.
The latter is best in the morning for sunrise over the east side of downtown while my absolute favorite allows for a more dramatic sunset shot.
Either way, you’re circling round and round and can hear the squeal of wet tires against the concrete after a rain shower.
My urban jeep trails are places of beauty. It makes me so sad that other people dread the places I love to visit. I wonder what I would see if I were one of those people; fearing the downtown traffic turmoil:
The fear of not finding a parking place in time causing you to be late.
The fear of having to pay the additional time because the line to pay is sooo long.
The dread of traffic on the way out of downtown…
I am so thankful for the fact that I can appreciate the beauty of a downtown garage- without those worries.
If you’re one of the fearful ones, I highly recommend parking on the very top level and arriving at sunrise or leaving at sundown.
I swear this will change your outlook on the day or night!