A mixologist’s palette

Poutine in Denver? I never would’ve expected to try the Canadian delicacy in the mile-high city, but I found myself scarfing it down on a recent excursion to Denver’s Larimer Square.

The place: Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen

The scene: lots of girls in high heels with jeans or cowboy boots with sundresses

What I wore: neither- ballet flats, jeans, and a chevron striped dolman top I purchased in DC after my luggage was lost (another story, another post).

My guide: Dante, a nationally recognized mixologist with an amazing palette and witty humor.
Check out the delish veggie samosas from Park and Co. he recommended the very first time we met. I knew then Denver was going to give my taste buds a run for my money after noshing these.

My beverage, Avery Brewing Co.’s White Rascal- which I rushed to the local store to purchase upon arriving back at home base (and, am currently enjoying as I type this post)!

After ordering drinks, I graciously placed my menu on the table and asked my Denveronianite guide to order for the both of us. It never fails to go out with someone who has a fine palette and the knowledge of the local scene! A slew of house-made pickled cauliflower, peppers, green beans and cucumbers made it to the table first- the bowl filled with a variety of pickling tastes from bread and butter, spicy dill, to beer hopped yumminess. By the way, I love pickles, how’d this guy know that?!?! Then came the fried cheddar curds with buffalo ranch for dipping. I was a bit stand-offish of this one but it grew on me after a little stirring of the dipping sauce. Then, the kielbasa and a plate of four mustards hit our table. I honestly had trouble distinguishing the difference between the mustards, but they were all delicious!
And now for the Poutine…First time trying it, and I couldn’t stop munching! Frites smothered in a green chili sauce topped with a braised pork with cheese curds and chili lime seasoning. Yummy!

Wrap-up: Looking for foodie tastes in Denver, don’t be shy of the Poutine and don’t forget your heels!

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